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OZ Auto Recycling is among the best and easy removal services for cars within Pakenham, VIC. We provide our customers with the opportunity to cash in on-the-spot quickly and also give the chance to sell any kind of vehicle without having to worry about its condition or registration. Sell your car fast now!

Are you searching for an experienced and reliable company that is specialized in the removal of vehicles from any location within Melbourne? If yes, then we’re here at OZ Auto Recycling Services to assist all who are looking to make cash by selling their old car before it causes too troublesome.

Are you worried about the stress of selling your vehicle? There’s no need to fret any longer! We’ll take it away in cash and then pay at the time of pickup. With tow trucks throughout Melbourne We’re typically in our destination within one hour of the time the call is made.

We offer same-day free collection and transfer to your account on the same day via an electronic transfer or a cheque. Through our experiences, we are aware that you’d prefer not to wait one week before you receive your cash! Therefore, make your purchase now , as this promotion will not last all day.

We were able to offer cash payments to clients in Pakenham and its surrounding suburbs before the Victorian government changed the rules. As per new rules set by the VIC state government, wreckers such as us and used car dealers as well as scrap metal dealers aren’t able to offer scrap for cash anymore. It must be EFT or a cheque.

What we buy at OZ Auto Recycling
Do You Need Car Removal Services in Pakenham

Do You Need Car Removal Services in Pakenham

You’ve finally decided to clean out your attic. You find an old car there. You may have not even thought that it was there, however now it’s time to get the removal of it, don’t be hesitant! We offer affordable prices for all cars and we promise a fast turnaround as our experts in Melbourne operate round-the-clock. Contact us today to help us take this burdensome problem off your shoulders one-time and for all!

Do you need cash quickly? Do you want to sell or rid of unneeded vehicles such as yours in a hurry? If you are in close proximity to Pakenham like those who live on the Bunyip Ridge Estate, there are times that require immediate cash and selling their car is the ideal solution as they are familiar with people

Free car removal service that is simple and pain-free! With our same-day, free car removalservice, you’ll be able to get rid of that unwanted car nice and simple. Many of the people who work with us find it easy to accomplish simply contact us or send us a message via this website indicating the type of vehicle you’re looking to remove to let us know what we will charge to remove it. Additionally, you’ll be able to get an instant quote via email without obligation either way, however should you find other quotes available you needn’t fret as even though they’re upfront about their rates being more expensive than ours, we’ve already agreed that we will not only surpass them in terms of price , but when the it comes time to make an offer, instead we’ll provide the most flexible options for payment, such as weekly instalments.

With Cash for Cars, we make selling your old car quick and simple. We’ll visit you with a cost estimate immediately, purchase it directly from you and then tow it away for without charge and pay you cash immediately! Do not wait a minute – call us now so that we can set up an appointment time that is suitable for you.

Thinking “where to Sell My Car in


If you’re thinking of sell your car in Melbourne efficiently and quickly, OZ Auto Recycling is the right place to contact. We are among the top auto buyers within Pakenham as well as anywhere else in Melbourne in general. In addition, we are well-known for having the best price in the market for all kinds of vehicles or van truck 4 wheel drive, or SUV.

Selling your vehicle in Pakenham is never this straightforward. It’s just a step to get the best price for your car. The process of selling your vehicle privately could be a complex and arduous procedure. It is necessary to set up RWC and rego as well as have to deal with many delays in the process. Sometimes, it’s just not worth the effort. We can take the hassle away from your life by offering our hassle-free car removal service and cash for cars.

Do you need selling your automobile yourself? We can schedule a time. We don’t require you to use your dollars and effort to obtain an official roadworthy certificate or fix the little issues. We purchase all cars “as is”. Even if the vehicle is not working, we’ll purchase it. Our tow truck fleet will come to you where you live located in Pakenham and purchase your vehicle immediately and then remove it. It’s as simple as that. Our aim is to make your life simpler.

Where to Sell My Car in Pakenham
Why we are one of the best car buyers in Pakenham

Why we are one of the best car buyers in Pakenham?

We definitely would like to think so. Our reviews from valued customers speak for us. Our customers are pleased with our process for buying vehicles as it’s easy and simple. We purchase cars vans, trucks, and every other kind of vehicle within Melbourne Victoria. Our car buying procedure is easy and our main goal is to please our clients.

What are the advantages of working with us for your cash for cars requirements?

  • We do same day car removal
  • We do same day payment
  • We purchase your car with is without condition.
  • We do FREE towing
  • We cover all of Pakenham
  • We have been in the business for over 10 years.
  • We treat our customers fairly
  • We employ a team of highly friendly car removal experts

We cover 100km from Melbourne SBD that includes regions like Melbourne South Eastern suburbs Melbourne east suburbs Melbourne northern suburbs Melbourne Western suburbs Yarra ranges Mornington & peninsula area, Casey council, Gippsland region, and more.

The location where Pakenham situated and why is it one of the most desirable suburban areas of Melbourne?

Pakenham is a suburb that is part of the satellite city of Melbourne located in the West Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia, 56 km (35 miles) to the south of Melbourne’s Central Business District, located within the Shire of Cardinia local government region. Pakenham has a population of 46,421 in the time of the 2016 Census.

Pakenham has been a significant expansion region in the south-eastern region of Melbourne because of the new developments in housing have increased the populations and the infrastructure as demonstrated by the growth of the Lakeside, Heritage Springs & Cardinia Lakes estates.

Pakenham was named for Sir Edward Pakenham (19 March 1778 8 January 1815) A British Major General, who was a participant in the Peninsular War. On January 8, 1815 Pakenham lost his life in combat while leading his men in the Battle of New Orleans. It was the Neville as well as the Bourke families were brought to Sydney via the Alquis in 1837, a ship that was commissioned by governor George Gipps to migrate and move to Melbourne. Their arrival in Melbourne in 1839 on John Barry in 1839 and chose the land of 5 miles by 5 miles that is now called the region that is now known as the area of Upper Pakenham.

The first Pakenham Post Office opened on 1 February 1859. It was changed to Pakenham West on 1 October 1971, and then closed on the 15th of January in 1974. The present Pakenham Post Office was opened on June 11, 1888, as Pakenham Railway Station Post Office and was changed to Pakenham East on 19th October,1908 and then changed its name to Pakenham 1 October 1971. The railway station was inaugurated on October 8 in 1877. It was part of the east-west link that connected Melbourne to Pakenham as well as other towns of the eastern part.

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